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Bulk Orders or Custom CDs (For Synagogues and Schools)

If you would like more information about bulk orders, or even our making custom CD's for your school or synagogue, please contact us for further details.

These CD's are produced in regular "audio CD" format (not mp3 computer files as downloadable from the website). Therefore these discs will be playable in most regular CD players. You can click to see Complete Track List for our pre-made CD's.

Individual CD's and sets can still be ordered via the main CD Order page.

  • Siddur Audio - Any Disk - 10 Pack
    (10 disks total)

    This set includes 10 copies of any audio CD from our website. Please be sure to indicate which disks (Erev Shabbat, Shabbat Day, Misc. CD #3, or Passover Seder) you wish to order.

    Price $120.00

    USA & Canada Only

    Outside USA & Canada
    ---> Contact us to inquire about other offers for synagogues and schools

  • Site licenses also available for you to duplicate your own SiddurAudio CD's

  • We can also make custom-mixed CD's for your school's specific curriculum


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