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Available Online Hebrew and Siddur Tutoring*

Ilana Zimmerman*

Ilana Zimmerman has a diverse academic background, including a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Pittsburgh and an MS in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University. She comes from a culturally rich Jewish background, and through this upbringing has developed a passion for the Hebrew language. Ilana has taught Hebrew in both classroom and home-tutor settings, and she is excited to help enrich the lives of students of all ages with a desire to learn to speak, read, write, and understand Hebrew.

How It Works

Lessons are offered through an online tutoring website available via my profile hosted on LearnByCam.com. Once you enter the website, you will be able to sign up as a student and book lessons on the tutor’s schedule. The tutor will contact you to confirm lesson time.

While it is possible to use various messaging systems if preferred, currently lessons are being offered through skype. Lessons will be linked with a shared screen program to be able to view writing (example: with Paint application) and other helpful images. You can simply sign up for a free membership on Skype which allows for online live video chat. You will need a microphone and speakers or headphones for your computer (webcams are optional).

Further details regarding current available lessons are available through theLearnByCam website, and Ilana is happy to work with each student to cater lessons to meet your educational desires or needs.


Payment is made through PayPal on the tutoring website, and the first session is free! Use this first session to get comfortable with the technology and to discuss your Hebrew learning goals and/or progress so far.

Tutoring will be in one hour sessions at your desired frequency.

– Lessons for first time Hebrew learners (learn letters, vowels, and roots): $20 
– Lessons for “I know how to read and write, but…” Hebrew learners (learn vocabulary, grammar, and phrases): $30

Contact Information

For further details, please contact Ilana Zimmerman by email at: [email protected]

*Please Note: Siddur Audio is not responsible for tutoring arrangements, fees, or suitability of the above tutoring services. Tutoring service not affilliated with SiddurAudio.com.

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