Passover Seder

Here are the audio clips of the major portions of the Haggadah that are recited during the Passover Seder – to help you learn how to better conduct your own seder at home.

Audio clips copyright © 2005-2007 Rabbi Mark Zimmerman. All rights reserved. Permission granted to download for personal use only. Redistribution of audio clips is prohibited.

*Because of the great variety of printed Haggadot, you may find slight variations from the text you use.  These clips are only of the selections that are typically sung during the Passover Seder.  We have not recorded Haggadah passages that are read aloud or simply “davvened – chanted” without a set melody – such as karpas, 10 plagues, hamotzi, etc.

Kadesh Ur’hatz – Order of the Passover Seder

Kiddush – Kiddush Recited over First Cup of Wine

Ha Lachma – As the Matzah is Uncovered

Mah Nishtana – The Four Questions

Avadim Hayinu – Beginning the Story of the Exodus

V’hi She’Amdah – As the Second Cup of Wine is Raised

Dayenu – Passover Hymn of Thanksgiving

Hallel (Part 1) – Before the Seder Meal

Second Cup of Wine – Berachot recited over Kos Sheni

Shir Ha’Ma’Alot – Before the Birkat HaMazon

Birkat HaMazon – Grace after the Meal

Eliyahu HaNavi – The Cup of Elijah

Hallel (Part 2) – After the Seder Meal

Hallel HaGadol (Ki L’Olam Hasdo) – Psalm 136

Fourth Cup – Includes “Al HaGefen V’Al Pri HaGefen”

Nirtzah – Concluding the Seder (Includes L’Shanah HaBa’ah)

Concluding Seder Songs

Ki Lo Na’eh

Echad Mi Yodeah

Adir Hu

Chad Gadya

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